Ophthalmic surgery / Ophthalmology

Titanium and steel instruments for ophthalmic surgical applications in medical technology. Ophthalmic surgical instruments,
Ophthalmology instruments. Operating instruments, Ophthalmic surgery.


Speculums & Retractors, Knives, Spuds, Blade Breakers, Punches & Handles, Lasik/Lasek/Dalk. Curettes,Spatulas,Choppers, Manipulators, Loops, Spoons, Hooks, Fixation Rings.

Muscle Hooks,Corneal Markers & Calipers, Scissors, Forceps, Needle Holders. Lacrimal Instruments, Cannulas, Quickswitch I/A System, Infusion Handles Bimanual Hand Pieces, Rongeurs.

Nasal Speculums, Elevators, Chisels, Mallets & Probes, Bipolar Forceps, Sterilization Cases & Trays, Diagnostic Instruments.

Ophthalmology Instruments

Information / Products

Retinal Forceps, Micro Capsularhexis Forceps, Colibri Forceps, Cloth Forceps, Corneal Forceps, Corneal Forceps, Fixation Forceps. Suture Forceps, Dressing Forceps, Lacing Forceps, Capsular Forceps, Lens Holding Forceps, IOL Forceps, Retracting Forceps, Muscle Forceps, Chalazion Forceps, Needle Holders, Chisels, Elevators.

Speculum, probes, lacrimal duct, dilator, cannulas, eyelid retractor, eyelid retractor, corneal knife, blade breaker, iris, iris spatula. dissector, lens manipulator, hook, marking instrument, muscle hook.

Instruments / Authors

BARRAQUER, Kratz, Feaster, Mcintyre, Sauer, Frankel, Alphonso, Cook, Mellinger, Williams, Knapp, Lancester, Liebermann, Murdoch. Rowen, Dalk, Camellian, Moran, Lasik, Jaffe, Lester, Phaco Chopper, Mushroom, Hunkeler, Obstbaum, Rosen, Anis, Minardi, Dodick, Brierley.

Bechert, Drysdale, Pisacano, Keener, Kansan, Gianetti, Wells, Greather, Bonn, Sinskey, Lewicky, Balls, Rentsch, Fenzl, Deitz. Silverman, Helveston, Guyton, Green, Mendes, Bores, Hoffer, Osher, Maloney, Vitrectomy.

Katzin, Pierce, Wescott, Vannas, Gillis, Stevens, ICL, IOL, retina, Ikeda, Dyson, Harms, Hoskin, Mcpherson, Utrata, Masket. Castroveijo, Clark, McNeill, Senn Miller, Desmarres, Jaeger, Wright, Rollet, Helveston, Tooke, Gill, Fukasaku, Bard-Parker, Culler,
Meyerhoefer, Wheeler, Mannis.


We have specialized in the production of Sterile containers and sieve baskets .

Due to the constantly growing demands on the market, our ophthalmic surgical instruments product portfolio is constantly being expanded.


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